WorldLabs partners with Leyton: Europe’s leading R&D tax specialist

WorldLabs is pleased to announce a new partnership with Leyton, Europe’s leading R&D tax specialist. Leyton positions itself as a strategic growth partner for businesses, helping unleash latent potential and enabling their clients to take advantage of hidden value through its range of products: R&D Tax Credits, Patent Box, Grants, Capital Advisory Support, Renewable Energy Compensation and Employment Law Services.

The strategic partnership is a natural one, given the two companies’ globalist approaches and international reach. Whilst WorldLabs users span 173 different countries, Leyton has 21 offices in 10 countries with expert teams dedicated to maximising their clients’ innovation potential.

Apart from their global reach, Leyton is now the largest independent R&D tax consultancy in the UK submitting 160-200 R&D Tax claims a month, with clients ranging from start-up SME’s to FTSE 100’s and large global corporates. In the UK, they have offices in London, Glasgow and Manchester, as well as a 100% success rate for HMRC submissions.

Leyton’s in-house team of highly experienced scientists, engineers and tax consultants produce innovative and sustainable strategies to achieve the maximum eligible financial return, without disrupting their client’s day-to-day business. WorldLabs’ role in connecting its entrepreneurial user base to Leyton’s services will enhance the products provided by both brands to innovators.

The first iteration of WorldLabs’ and Leyton’s partnership will run through the launch of the ‘Leyton R&D Tax Relief Award’ a competition, where startups and scale-ups can apply to win their research and development (R&D) tax claim free of charge, saving companies up to £15,000 for an average claim of around £50,000. 

Advising on the kinds of innovators Leyton will be looking for in this initial competition, Charles Precious, a partner at Leyton, comments on an appetite for ‘disruptive’ start-ups and ideas with the potential to exponentially grow through the kinds of enhanced financial acumen their services provide.

WorldLabs’ CEO Max Lehnus adds “We are proud to partner with Leyton to offer opportunities to our community of innovators that will help foster their growth. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration in the coming years.”

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